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PhilGEPS – Government’s Tool for Procurement Reforms and Transparency
Tuesday, 30 November 2010 19:17
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What is the PhilGEPS?

PhilGEPS stands for the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System.  It is the central portal that hosts information on the procurement of goods and general support services, civil works or

infrastructure projects and consulting services undertaken by procuring entities of the government.   It works like an electronic exchange where government buyers and suppliers meet and enable users to take advantage of information technology to support a more efficient, convenient, transparent and open public procurement process.  Presently, the PhilGEPS has the following functionalities:

  • Electronic Bulletin Board for posting procurement opportunities, notices, awards and reasons for award for government procurement
  • Supplier Registry for the registration of suppliers who wish to do business with government agencies.
  • Automatic Bid Notification enables suppliers to receive via email information on bid opportunities that match their line of business
  • Electronic Catalogue of common goods, supplies, materials and equipment by required by public sector agencies and carried in stock by the Procurement Service
  • Virtual Store to facilitate the electronic processing of purchases of common goods from the Procurement Service


What are the Benefits Derived from Using PhilGEPS?

The PhilGEPS has brought significant benefits to the government in terms of the following:

  • Improved transparency in government procurement
  • Enhanced competition and realization of value for money procurement
  • Improved administrative efficiencies·    Reduction in procurement costs, including newspaper advertisements
  • Provision of audit trails through information posted in the system; and
  • Serves as a medium in implementation of government procurement policies


Suppliers and contractors doing business with government derive the following gains from using the system:

  • Access to government bid opportunities 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • Viewing and downloading of electronic bid documents
  • Automatic notification through the user’s email of bid postings and supplements
  • Savings on newspaper costs, transportation and manhours
  • Information on government bid projects is important in market research and in making  business decisions
  • A level and more competitive playing field


What functionalities will be available in the PhilGEPS soon?

Development of functionalities that will further enhance the PhilGEPS is ongoing with the vision of making it a total provider of eProcurement solutions to the government and its stakeholders.  These include the following:

  • Enhanced Suppliers’ Registry wherein suppliers may now be able to upload eligibility documents in the PhilGEPS system and use such for their bid submissions to different procuring entities
  • E-Bidding which enables online submission of bids by suppliers and electronic opening of bids by the procuring entity’s Bids and Awards Committee
  • E-Payment to facilitate payments through the PhilGEPS including provisions for electronic transfer of funds
  • Annual Procurement Plan will facilitate uploading of the APPs of government agencies


PhilGEPS Statistics*:

Registered  Agencies 11,274
Registered Suppliers 49,541
Bid Opportunities Posted 1,158,263
Buyers Trained (hands-on) 13,807
Suppliers Trained (hands-on) 6,752
Government Savings on Newspaper Advertisements Php570 million

*From 2001 to August 2010

How to Register in the PhilGEPS

Government Agencies and Suppliers may register online in the PhilGEPS website at Suppliers must have a valid e-mail address, company TIN, DTI and/or SEC Registration Number. Cooperatives must have a CDA Registration Number. Government Procuring Entities, on the other hand, must indicate their agency TIN.  Just click the “Register Now” icon at the upper left side of the homepage.  You will be led to the site’s registration procedures and user-friendly registration form that you need to fill out.  The completed forms will be automatically sent to the PhilGEPS Administration Group for validation and approval and if everything is in order, you will be notified within 24 hours by email of your User ID and Password which you must use to log-in and access the PhilGEPS.

CoSTPhils and PhilGEPS Relationship

The PhilGEPS is proud and honored to be an enabling partner of the Construction Sector Transparency Initiative through COSTPhils Foundation, Inc. in promoting the concepts of transparency and accountability in the procurement of public infrastructure and civil works projects.  COSTPhils’ advocacy aims to enhance these much-needed values through the disclosure of information relating to public construction projects, in particular the basis on which the project was commissioned, the relevant plans and costings, project evaluation and any significant changes from the original tender document along with the reasons, in particular on costs, can help to raise the level of scrutiny and monitoring by the public.  An informed public ensure greater awareness and will help reduce wasted opportunities and expenditure.

PhilGEPS will host the Material Project Information (MPI) from procuring entities in the website.  The Commission on Audit, another enabling partner, is the assurance team which will verify and validate these information and the feedbacks gathered, if any. These MPI, which are important, meaningful and timely information, will be critical in monitoring public infra projects and in government’s better decision making and corruption control.

How does one access the MPI page in the PhilGEPS website?

  • Click the COST-MPI logo at the lower left hand corner of the PhilGEPS homepage
  • You will be led to the special page where the projects undertaken by pilot agencies – DPWH, DOTC and LRTA, as validated by the COA Assurance Team, are listed
  • You will be able to view the Project Name, Location, Amount, Duration and Project Brief
  • Upon clicking a specific Project Brief, more details of the project will be available such as funding details, the tender process, contract award and execution details and post contract information
  • The facility to download files is also provided
  • For feedbacks, one may email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


COSTPhils likewise supported the baseline market survey and the updating of the business plan for the PhilGEPS to aid the DBM management in setting long terms goals for the sustainability of the PhilGEPS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PhilGEPS website address or URL?

Can foreign suppliers register with the PhilGEPS?
Yes.  Foreign suppliers can register or fax their registration to the PhilGEPS Office (+632-900-5239)

What are the system requirements to access the PhilGEPS?
A company needs internet connection and personal computer, preferably Pentium IV or higher and installed with Internet Explorer or Netscape and Adobe Acrobat Reade.

Are all government agencies required to use the PhilGEPS?
Yes.  All government agencies, including LGUs, are mandated to fully use the PhilGEPS, not just to register but more importantly to post their procurement opportunities, bid notices, awards and/or results of bids.

Must all suppliers register with the PhilGEPS?
All suppliers (i.e. manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, contractors and/or consultants) dealing with the government must register with the PhilGEPS.  The submission of a PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration to the Procuring Entity is likewise required by R.A. 9184 prior to award. (References: Sec. 8.5.1 and Sec. 34.2.c of R.A. 9184)

How much does it cost to register in the PhilGEPS?
Presently, registration is for free.  However, a supplier will have to pay Php500.00 to secure a PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration.  Charges and fees will soon be introduced when future functionalities like the expanded Supplier Registry and E-Bidding become available.

How do we get in touch with the PhilGEPS?
You may email the PhilGEPS at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  You may send feedbacks on the MPI webpage at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You may also call the PhilGEPS Help Desk at telephone numbers 900-5232 up to 38 or reach us by fax at 900-5239.  You may likewise call or send text messages at 0939-6849416 (Smart) or at 0915-7043951 (Globe).

Does PhilGEPS offer hands-on training on use of the system?
Yes. Both Suppliers and Buyers may avail of our hands-on training workshops that are regularly scheduled nationwide.  You may refer to the schedules posted at

For more Frequently Asked Question on the PhilGEPS, kindly visit our website –


CoST introduces the transparency and accountability concept to the construction sector and focuses specifically on public disclosure of information. The ultimate aim is to enhance the accountability of procuring bodies and construction companies for the cost and quality of public-sector construction projects.